Textiles that eco through eternity

When many textile manufacturers struggle with worker’s rights and negative environmental impact, we have chosen to go the other way.

We invest heavily in our own production plant in Sweden and base all operations on principles that help us harmonize our production with the eco systems around us.

After all, we want to live in a world where innovations and visions can continue to thrive – forever.


Our overall goal is to continue to do what we do forever. We therefore strive to be the best in providing society with textile materials within the areas we operate.

Being the best means that we deliver the right product at the right time and cost with minimum impact on the environment. This provides stability in our daily lives and at our workplace where we work in a safe environment with a product that ensures eternal life – for our company as well as for society and the world at large.

Environmental policy – Vision zero

We see the natural resources and the environment as a pre-requisite for our existence. Therefore, we adhere to a vision zero approach regarding negative environmental impact.

This is achieved by:

  • Considering the laws and regulations as a minimum demand when controlling our emissions.
  • Always considering the impact on the environment and on our employees’ well-being when deciding on production processes and equipment.
  • Educating our employees in how to control production processes from an environmental viewpoint.
  • Considering recycling and waste minimizing as vital aspects in our day-to-day operations.
  • Setting goals that constantly improve our environmental performance.
  • Demanding suppliers to show their environmental goals and records.