Vertical integration / made in sweden

We manufacture all our products in our factory in Sweden. In order to deliver top service and quality the production is vertically integrated including warping, weaving, dyeing, finishing, coating, laminating, printing and quality control. 

Vertical integration ensures complete control of all important parameters, resulting in the production of first-grade products. In addition, by keeping our entire manufacturing process in-house, we minimize transportations and, as a result, reduce our manufacturing footprint. This is all driven by true Swedish team spirit.


Customer-driven business system

At FOV, we always focus on the customer’s requirements and needs. In this way, we have a customer-driven business system where we always ask ourselves what the customer wants. In order to do this, we adhere to the principles of stable processes, flow efficiency, well-organized workplaces, and the challenging of the future.

Stable processes are a necessity to be able to deliver products and services that meet the customer’s needs; that is, the right product and the right amount at the right time. For an optimal result, stable processes require reliable equipment, the right input data, as well as competent and responsible personnel who perform their work in the best possible way. With stable processes, work simply becomes easier and better.

To create high customer value, we work with flow-efficient processes. All initiated and ongoing assignments are handled quickly and the value-creation time is high in relation to the lead time.

We also work with visual, well-organized workplaces. Through daily staff meetings, we ensure that everyone knows what to do as well as is given the opportunity to raise issues and questions, participate in decision making, gain recognition of good performance, and get general information about the company.

Adhering to these principles, we give ourselves and our clients optimal opportunities to challenge the future and actively work toward a vision zero regarding negative environmental impact – and in the long run, to contribute to an even positive impact on the environment.

Our aim is to be your partner and supplier of choice, this makes us go the extra mile for you.


Our weaving equipment includes 104 modern projectile and rapier looms. The production runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can weave both ultra-lightweight and heavy textiles, and in widths up to 540 cm.


Our dyeing facility includes jig, beam and jet-dyeing machines. The processes are controlled by state-of-the-art computer equipment ensuring consistent results.


In our finishing department, fabrics are finished to achieve the desired properties. We have equipment for washing, drying/heat setting, finishing, emerizing, printing and calendering.


Our coating department boasts facilities to coat fabric for many uses and applications. We can produce PVC, polyurethane, silicone and other coatings at weights from 8 to 1,700 g/m2. Both solvent and water-based chemistry can be handled due to thermal oxidizers.


All our products are inspected and controlled. A vital part of our quality control is our modern laboratory where technical parameters are verified according to specification. We continuously improve our standards of quality and service in order to obtain zero-defect deliveries to our customers.