About FOV

At the textile frontier

Imagine textile materials that can change color just like that, fabrics that don’t need to be washed, or why not highly mobile textile biogas systems that rapidly and efficiently turn waste into energy.

Too far out?

Thriving at the textile frontier, FOV Fabrics fuses advanced textile functionality with circular sustainability. And boasting a fully vertical process, which includes creative design, cutting-edge R&D as well as the latest production technologies, we believe anything is possible.

Manufacturing 10 million square meters of woven high-tech fabrics annually in our own factory in Sweden, we export functional textile materials to demanding clients and leading brands in various industries across the world.

Fabrics for a better tomorrow

Boasting a vertically integrated production, we have full control of the entire manufacturing process, from the creative studio to weaving, dyeing, finishing, coating and quality control. Keeping our entire manufacturing process in-house, we adhere to the Swedish laws and regulations concerning labor and work environment, ensuring humane, fair and decent working conditions.

Innovative. Sustainable. Since 1960.

Since the early 1960s, we have been located in the town of Borås, Sweden. Over the years, our product range has changed from acetate and viscose linings to high-tech fabrics for apparel and industrial use. Strength in innovation has brought us to the leading position we hold today.