FOV Fabrics AB will take over production and distribution of L. Michael OY’s products from 1st of February 2010

Dear Customer !

“Since 1992 L. Michael OY has delivered high quality fabrics to the domestic and export market. The general development in the textile business has effected us as well. When I, Lorenz Michael, in a foreseeable future will step aside L Michael OY have tried to find a strong partner who can guarantee a continued good development. “

We have made our best efforts to try to find an attractive alternative to L .Michael OY´s products and services for our customers. We are therefore proud to announce that we have succeeded to reach an agreement with the Swedish fabric producer FOV Fabrics AB. L. Michael OY and FOV Fabrics AB have signed a co-operation agreement.

L. Michael OY will continue the production during a transfer period and during this period the products will be transferred and integrated into FOV Fabrics AB´s production.
Starting from 1.2.2010 FOV Fabrics will deliver L. Michael OY´s products from Sweden.

We have learned that some of our customers already know FOV quite well, and we are convinced that they will be able to replace L. Michel OY with their attractive products and services – supported by their dedicated and knowledgeable people.

With this arrangement, FOV Fabrics AB will be able to present alternatives to
L. Michel OY´s fabrics in due time before we terminate our production in Sastamala. In this way we believe that our customers will be offered an attractive alternative without any loss of time and business.

We will contact you soon to discuss how further details about the FOV products and services can be presented to your company and key-personnel.

In case of any questions, you are welcome to contact

L. Michael OY
Lorenz Michel, Managing Director
Phone +358 10 8304900
Mobil +358 400233143

FOV Fabrics AB
Mats Lundgren, Managing Director
Phone +46 33 20 63 36
Mobil +46 705 486891

Kind regards,
L. Michael OY
Lorenz Michael, Managing Director

FOV Fabrics AB
Mats Lundgren, Managing Director
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FOV Fabrics AB will take over production and distribution of L. Michael OY’s products from 1st of February 2010

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